If you’re a music artist looking to take things to the next level, then you owe it to yourself to stop what you’re doing right now and consult us.

This is an opportunity to work with a Grammy award winning team of Music Industry Professionals that’s worked with some of the largest record and music companies in the world. We will personally consultant and give you hands-on, professional advice and guidance on how to get you to the next level.

Our Team has many years in the industry with some of us over 25 years of experience and have sold tens of millions of records in their career.

We have worked and are artists/producers that have Platinum Albums, Top Ten songs, Grammy Awards, and much more. Rock, Pop, Alternative, R&B, Rap, Singer-Songwriter, Indie, Metal, Country, you name it.

We offer strategic marketing and label services to developing and established artists and record labels. The reality is in today’s music business, just having talent is not enough to become successful. All your creative and professional expertise should be well planned and in place. Music consultation provides the good advice, direction, and objectivity that is crucial to your success.

Helping artists or start-up entities to reach their full potential is our passion and mission. We are always willing to listen to your ideas and to help you on your musical journey.”

Some of our services:
  • Help enhance artistic vision.
  • Career/project focus
  • Be a positive sounding board for your ideas.
  • Oversee song selection.
  • Create possible co-write opportunities.
  • Find great songs when and where necessary
  • Assist in preparation and overview of demos/masters
  • Help finding creative/budget conscious producers
  • Connect with creative, budget conscious web designers and video producers
  • Plan creative visual and social media strategies
  • Advise how to best present your work to the record labels/music industry
  • Connect artists/projects to lawyers/managers
  • Overall Record label consultation
  • A&R Expertise/Executive Produce Albums/Projects
  • Producer Connections
  • Songs/Songwriters/Publishing Company Connections
  • International Overview/License Opportunities
  • Sponsorship Guidance
  • Touring and Booking Guidance
  • Record label Distribution consultation
  • City Entertainment Scheduling and Consulting
  • Live Stage Performance Consulting
  • Managing music Festivals and City yearlong Entertainment events
  • Event Management

“Tom had opened the doors with different connections and opportunities to expose myself to in the music industry. While I have much to show for in the future and must continue the hard work moving forward, Tom gave me really good ideas with contacting promoters, homing in and continuing my songwriting skills as a producer, verifying myself on Google and getting me to that next step involving sponsorship’s.”
From Brian

“Talking with Tom really gave me incredible insight and direction to where I should take my music career! It really helps to learn from someone with a great amount of experience and it made me more confident in how to gather more music opportunities! I highly recommend taking to Tom, you won’t regret it!”
From Christian

Set up your 1-hour Consulting for your career today with us for $100.00 or contact us for an estimate today.