Music Review: Tayiha: Rising Up from Down Under

Tayiha: Rising Up from Down Under

A standout in this season’s Reverb Nation campaign, self-taught, 16-year-old, pop singer/songwriter Tayiha is making waves with her crisp, upbeat sound and bouncy instrumentals. Born and raised in Queensland, Australia, Tayiha was inspired to pursue music at a young age by pop queens such as Whitney Huston, Alessia Cara, and Lana Del Rey. 

In her single “Out of Range,” Tayiha creatively blends Del Rey’s twangy California guitar and Cara’s bold vocalizations in the chorus. Thus, the result is a bubbly pop hit fit for summer days on the beach. The song highlights Tayiha’s ability to spin personal life events into carefree, sunny anthems. Also, it showcases her keen ear for catchy pop/R&B influenced beats.

Check out the music video for “Out of Range” below! 

Lyrical Content

Tayiha’s self-referential lyrics have drawn comparison to that of a young Taylor Swift. For example, “Out of Range” embodies the blossoming artist’s desire to break free from daily routines and explore passion, creativity, and individuality. The inspiring chorus of “I’m just taking my time/in this chill state of mind,” reminds us to slow down our focus and appreciate the little moments life has to offer. Furthermore, the melodic final line of the chorus, “I let the world just fall away/when I am out of range,” evokes a sense of peaceful contentedness with self-discovery.


At the budding age of 8, Tayiha wrote her first song about her experience with school bullies. As a result, this creative outlet became the inspiration for her venture into the music industry. Later, Tayiha was a finalist in the 2021 Queensland Music Awards for her song “No Happy Ending”. This lively, spirited track was written and recorded when Tayiha was age 14.

Further, Tayiha has released numerous singles in collaboration with ARIA-nominated producer Stuart Stuart. Finally, check out her socials below to explore the colorful sounds of Australia’s rising pop sensation.







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