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Meet: The Keystones

Influenced by bands like The Strokes, Catfish & the Bottlemen, and Wavves, Milwaukee-bred band The Keystones burst into the music world in a gust of energetic guitars and explosive drums. Hailing from the same town as guitar legend Les Paul, brothers Jack and Matt Sherman, along with Eddie Curran and Jake Lutzke aim to create music that rocks, rolls, and revolutionizes the modern alternative sound. Blending punk and pop in a whirlwind of danceable bass lines and heavy guitar riffs, The Keystones elevate modern rock to new, glittering heights. Clad in monochrome and boasting an unrefined, electric sound, The Keystones are ones to look out for.


Miss Connection

What do you get when you cross fast-paced guitar riffs and an engaging hook? The answer is “Miss Connection,” The Keystone’s most popular single. With drums pounding louder than the fan of my overheating laptop, “Miss Connection” is a surefire rock hit. It is an unapologetic ode to those who have loved and lost; gone the distance for someone only to have those efforts be disregarded. With lyrics such as “I’m sorry for the fights that I have won, I’m sorry that I walked the extra mile in the wrong direction,” it is implied that Miss Connection, the aptly-titled woman, did not appreciate those efforts. However, the narrator is not sorry for trying to salvage their love. Yet, there is no missed connection between the four bandmates. Each instrument and vocal element are balanced and in-tune with one another, cultivating a dynamic and lively modern-rock winner.

Additionally, the band also recorded a stripped-back version of the song, letting the lyrics shine beyond the energetic instrumentals.

Watch the music video for “Miss Connection” below:



Reveling in nostalgia and a yearning for the good times gone by, “2010” is a song about remembering adolescence. Next, with evocative imagery of first crushes and late summer nights, it is easy for listeners to create a memory reel of their own youthful dalliances. Beyond the story, “2010” is a harmonic medley of punk-inspired drum lines and a catchy chorus melody. Reminiscent of early 2010’s Fall Out Boy/All Time Low era, it is a song that screams “it’s not a phase, mom!” in the best way. Overall, it is danceable, singable, and nostalgic to the core.


Finally, “WLVS” kicks off with heavy riffs and evocative lyrics. With an incredibly fun music video to boot, The Keystones have yet another hit fit for the rock scene. It is dark, gritty, and imaginative with lyrics such as “lay me down in starlight and candy,” and “paint the walls with the shadow of your life, baby,”. Casting aside the brighter rock aspects of the single, “Miss Connection”, “WLVS” shows the band’s versatility within the modern rock genre. A trend within all of their singles, however, is a keen ear for head-banging guitars and smooth vocals. All in all, The Keystones are a band to worth looking at.

Check out the comedic, thrilling, video for “WLVS” below:

Don’t forget to check out their new single titled “You’re So Cold”. You can catch them live on Friday, August 5th, 2022 in Milwaukee, WI as well.

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